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On reading the Conservative party manifesto

Earlier this year I read a report on voter apathy comissioned by Lodestone Communications with the research conducted by Survation. Q31 on the survey asks 'Which of the following would be most likely to persuade you to vote in a UK general election?'

Seven choices were offered, with an eighth of 'other'. I asked for (and received) the answers respondents gave to the 'other' category in this question. The majority of answers to the question related to frustration with politicians, for example:

  • If politicians were forced to stick to their mandate
  • If politicians did not lie and were accountable for what they say
  • A legally binding agreement that they must adhere to their promises or be executed
  • If non-conformance to the manifesto were made an offence punishable with long jail sentence
  • What you say is what you will do.

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On becoming a civil servant

It's end of year performance appraisal time in my organisation. So we're each wondering whether we'll get a must improve, achieved or exceeded rating. Yes, we have a ranking system.

Given this, I decided to run a personal appraisal on my ability to become a Civil Servant. This was a performance objective which I gave myself in January 2015. It's not 'end of year' on this objective, and not even 6-months but I think 5 months more or less qualifies as ok for a 'mid-year performance review'.

I started by aiming to get a grounding in UK politics. This seems a pre-requisite to be a Civil Servant, but I didn't realise this until I joined the Civil Service and found that everything I knew about how to get things done in organisations, and I've worked in many, didn't seem to work, or did but not in the intended way.

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